fa2-5ed series dustproof push-button switches with restart protection (electronics type)

产品描述product description

fa2-5ed系列是一款专用型的按钮开关,集成防尘功能,保持了和普通通断开关fa2-5dfa2-5dn相同的尺寸,当电源突然断开又恢复时具有断电重启保护功能(电子式),是为了满足新的欧洲en60947标准针对小角磨类工具零电压保护的特殊要求而特别设计制造的,广泛应用于各类手持式电动工具,如: 125和150角向磨光机、抛光机、模具电磨等。
fa2-5ed series are special type push-button switch, integrated dustproof, keep the same size with existing fa2-5d and fa2-5dn series, with restart protection when the power supply is interrupted (electronics type), designed specially for small angle grinders according to en60947, fulfill the new requirement for zero voltage protection (or nvr), commonly for used in portable power-tools such as 125mm and 150mm angle grinders,polisher grinders, die grinders, etc.


◆可选带以下功能 optional following function types:
→软启动功能 soft start function
→过流保护功能 over current protection function
→过温保护功能 over temperature protection function
◆可选带以下附件 optional with the accessories as follows:
suppression capacitor (commonly 0.22μf or 0.33μf)

技术数据technical data

→机械耐久寿命 mechanical life endurance≥1e5
→电气耐久寿命 electrical life endurance≥5e4
→最大冲击电流 max. inrush current at 250v60a
→最大冲击电流 max. inrush current at 127v90a
→接触电阻 contact resistance≤30m ohm
→绝缘电阻 insulation resistance≥7m  ohm
→基本介电强度 dielectric strength of function500v
→加强介电强度 dielectric strength of reinforced3000v
→环境温度 ambient temperature-25°c~85°c
→阻燃等级 flammabilityul 94v-0
→防护等级 protection typeip50
→适用于ii类防护器具 suitable for appliances of protection class ii


◆输入端 input side:
→螺钉端子 screw terminals m3.5
◆输出端 output side:
→插片端子 plug-in terminals 2.8×0.8mm

电气参数和认证 electric rating and certification

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