fa7-12c series dustproof snap-action trigger switches

产品描述product description

fa7-12c系列是一款专用型的大电流扳机开关,集成防尘功能,内部为快速动作结构,广泛应用于各类的电动工具,如:型材切割机,斜切锯(介铝机), 125和150中角磨,电锤,电镐等.有超过10种主体和扳机可供选择,也可按照客户要求定制.
fa7-12c series are special type high rated trigger switches,integrated dustproof, with snap-action structure, for use in high rated bench top or portable power-tools such as cut-off machines,miter saws, 125mm and 150mm angle grinders, rotary hammers, demolition hammers, etc. these switch has more than 10 body and trigger types for customer's choice, also accept customize according to customer's request.


◆可选带 以下锁定类型optional with following lock types:
→断开锁定带闭合锁定lock-off with lock-on
◆可选带以下附件optional with the accessories as follows:
→滤波电容(电容值由客户选定, - -般为0.22μ f或0.33μ f)
suppression capacitor (commonly 0.22or 0.33μf)

技术数据technical data

→机械耐久寿命mechanical life endurance≥1e5
→电气耐久寿命electrical life endurance≥5e4
→最大冲击电流max.inrush current at 250v90a
→最大冲击电流max.inrush current at 127v132a
→接触电阻contact resistance≤30m ohm
→绝缘电阻insulation resistance≥7m ohm
→基本介电强度dielectric strength of function1500v
→加强介电强度dielectric strength of reinforced3000v
→环境温度ambient temperature0°c~55°c
→阻燃等级flammabilityul 94v-0
→防护等级protection typeip40
→适用于ii类防护器具suitable for appliances of protection class川


◆输入端input side:
→2x接线柱端子/螺钉m4 pillar terminals φ =4mm with m4 screw
→2x插片端子plug-in terminals 6.3x0.8mm
◆电容端子terminals for suppression capacitor:
→2x插片端子plug-in terminals 2.8x 0.8mm
★appearances and utility models patented

电气参数和认证 electric rating and certification

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