fa5-3s, fa5-6s series dustproof ac variable speed trigger switches

产品描述product description

fa5-3s/fa5-6s 系列是一款通用型扳机电子调速开关,其中fa5-6s系列是升级款,可以承受更大的电流冲击,集成防尘功能,广泛应用于各类电动工具,如: 6mm电钻、10mm电钻、冲击钻、冲击螺丝起子、电锤、曲线锯、搅拌器、平板砂光机等, 也可用于吊磨机的脚踏开关等。开关有多种扳机、锁钮和拨杆可以选择,也可以根据客户要求进行定制。
fa5-3s/fa5-6s series are one general type variable speed trigger switches with by-pass contact, specially fa5-6s is high rated type, integrated dustproof, for popular used in portable power-tools such as: 6mm drills, 10mm drills, impact drills, impact screw drivers, rotary hammers, jig saws, electric mixers, orbit sanders, etc. also used for foot switch of hanging carving machine.


◆可选带以下功能 optional with following functions:
→全波调速 full-wave speed control
→半波调速 half-wave speed control
→on-off通断功能 on-off version
→on-off通断功能带线性电位器输出 on-off version with passive linear potentiometer
→正转或反转限速 speed limited in forward or reverse
◆可选带以下锁定类型 optional with following lock types:
→无锁 no lock
→闭合锁定 lock-on
◆可选带以下附件 optional with the accessories as follows:
→初始电压微调节旋钮 knob for adjusting start voltage
→扳机旋钮 dial wheel of trigger
→包软胶扳机 trigger covered with rubber (overmolding)
◆the electronics in the switches are to be tested together with the corresponding appliance, the switches are suitable for appliance of class ii.


◆输入端 input side:
→接线柱端子 pillar terminals φ=3mm
◆输出端和换向盒端 output side and reversing box side:
→push-in terminals for soldered strands, strands with end sleeve or strands with end claws.
★utility model patented with the no. is zl201920465988.7

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